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Welcome! Whether you are just curious, or you're enjoying  life long benefits of chiropractic care, I'm glad you stopped by.  "Chiropractic" means "hand practice" in Greek. "Hands on" care.  Chiropractic care is very personal.  Someone will be putting their hands on you!  Be picky!  My practice is mostly referrals, many from MDs.  Ask friends and coworkers who they trust.  

I've been in practice for 35 years.  The babies I helped, grew up, and had babies whom I help now.  I know everyone is unique,  needs a health practitioner on their side, no one wants to be ignored,  and everyone wants to feel better. . In todays fast paced health system, a patient often gets  frustrated.   I take the time to listen and get to know you.  Chiropractic education is similar to medical school.  Instead of pharmacology,  chiropractors spend 4 1/2 years studying  differential diagnosis, biomechanics, xray interpretation, and over 1400 hours of specific adjusting techniques.  Because of this extensive specialized training,  patients often seek their chiropractors opinion first.   I'm happy to do this, and if I can't help you, I can refer you to the appropriate health care professional.  You'll find your life is better without all that pain, without drugs, and you'll find other benefits, too. 

If you haven't become a chiropractic patient, what are you waiting for?  Just hanging on to feeling bad?  Not sleeping?  Loving those migraines?  In some circles I've heard, "Once you start seeing a chiropractor, you"ll have to go for the rest of your life".  First of all, nobody makes you do anything.  Second, you don't want feel great?  Why?  Why would you NOT want to be one of those  people with a spring in their step, a clear mind,  healthy and capable?  I want to be THAT.   I want to be healthy!   I love chiropractic!  So,  please, enjoy this site.  I hope I meet you soon!  


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