Light Therapy

“Photobiomodulation” is a big word loosely translated means “ light therapy".

Dr. Callahan has spent countless hours researching photobiomodulation in scientific journals, to bring you a safe and effective Red LED Light Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy.  It won’t damage your eyes , in fact , red LEDs are being used to heal diabetic retinopathy and used by dentists to grow tooth pulp. Come try our PolyLight and how great you can feel.  Like a day at the beach!  Low level red LED light  is being researched for treating Alzheimers disease and has been used by cosmetic surgeons to heal scar tissue and repair damaged collagen.  

Dr. Callahan also uses an  Erchonia low level red light laser, same 680n  frequency as the red LED light, but more concentrated.   Low level laser has been researched since the 1980's and is proven to decrease pain and  healing time.  The Erchonia and Polylight are FDA cleared.  

Either the Poly Light LED or Erchonia LL Laser can be a stand alone  session, or included with an acupuncture session or chiropractic treatment.  Many plantar fasciitis sufferers have found relief with a combination of ultrasound, LL laser, foot adjustment and kinesotaping, having been referred by their podiatrist. 

Come relax, let your worries disappear!


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