January 26. 2020


Dr. Deb is great!  Mine ( barrel racers) alway won !st after her adjustments! 

Valerie C, Bono, AR

January 20, 2020


I had acupuncture on my tennis elbow.  I had it injected several times over about 3 years and it would get better but always came back .  Then I finally had Dr. Callahan do acupuncture and it's gone for good. It's been 6-7 years and it has never returned. 

JC, Jonesboro


 January 3,2020


Horse owners in the Jonesboro area!!! We have a wonderful equine chiropractor living right here in the heart of Jonesboro.   Deb Callahan has worked on my 2 horses and both are feeling their absolute best after their treatments.

Sal was having some growing pains and Viva just needed a tune up, both have benefited from her gentle yet effective techniques! Treat your horse to a visit from Deb, you won't regret it and your steed will love it!

Jayne R, Jonesboro 

March 13, 2014


I had bad, bad knees and low back pain.  I hadn't been able to walk without a cane for over 2 years, so couldn't travel or really get out of the house.  I couldn't stand even to take a shower, daily life had become such a struggle that I was depressed all the time from pain and frustration. I gained weight from lack of activity. My legs were swollen, and I had to start taking pills for edema,  depression, pain, and high blood pressure.  I wanted my life back.  Meeting  Dr. Callahan made the difference!  After a few weeks of chiropractic care my chronic low back pain was gone.  The improvement in the last month has been dramatic though. My attitude has changed since I'm not in such pain.  I have my life back!  I can walk without a cane.  I have been able to walk up and down stairs normally.  I just got back from a weekend at the Missouri Fiber Retreat, stayed a good friend,  met new people. and had a wonderful time.  I haven't been able to do anything like that in years. The best news is , I kept appointment with my orthopedic surgeon yesterday for possible knee replacement surgery, and he said my knees had improved so much I  was no longer a candidate  for knee replacement!   Thank you Dr. Callahan!  Miracles do happen!     

Debbie B, Paragould AR



Stephanie G, Harrisburg, AR

The pain in my arm was so severe I couldn't sleep at night.  I was diagnosed with a slipped disc in my neck  and was referred to a specialist, who gave me nerve block shots in my neck.  It only worked for a few days, then the pain was back just as bad.   I couldn't sleep, work, and had mood swings from the pain and all the medications.  I was suffering from terrible migraines as well.  I was taking 10 different prescriptions every day.   I went to see Dr. Callahan for acupuncture treatments, because I was sick of taking all the medicine and shots, I didn't want to feel groggy anymore, and none of it seemed to work for very long.  Dr. Callahan's treatment was very pleasant.  I felt immediate relief.   After two treatments the pain in my arm was almost gone, the neck pain was gone,  the migraines disappeared,   sleep returned, and my anxiety levels decreased.  I felt more relaxed and less stressed without the pain. I stopped taking the pain and sleep medications.   My life is getting back on track. I definitely recommend Dr. Callahan!



Stacie C, Jonesboro, AR

Both my brother and sister-in-law are chiropractors, so I had tried chiropractic before with good results.  When I moved here,  I was suffering from such intense migraine headaches that I often had to go to the ER to get any relief.  My brother lives out of state and I was looking for a local chiropractor. I was referred to  Dr. Callahan by a friend. I noticed a big improvement right away after the first treatment. Regular chiropractic adjustments keep the headaches, and I feel much less stress.  Dr.. Callahan also helped me with plantar fascitis and I can work now without foot pain.  I hope other people who suffer from headaches try Dr.Deb. 



Donna K, Blytheville, AR

A medical doctor recommended I try acupuncture to help with my fibromyalgia.  I had been seeing a chiropractor, who helped me tremendously, but sometimes the fibromyalgia would still get the better of me.  At times my back hurt, I had headaches, leg and arm pain, and hip pain.  I couldn't sleep, was tired all the time.  I decided to try acupuncture at my MD's suggestion.

Dr. Callahan agreed to help me with acupuncture treatments, along with my regular chiropractic visits.  She explained that chiropractic adjustments gave me mobility in my spine and reduced pain.  She suggested some dietary changes, such as natural vitamin C,  and some at home excercises as well.  Dr. Callahan explained that fibromyalgia was a sleep disorder, and when I started sleeping again I would feel alot better. She explained the acupuncture could help with my energy level and help me sleep at night.

As soon as she began the acupuncture treatment, I noticed an immediate relief.  I asked if she put any medicine in the needles!  She laughed and said, "no".   The first treatment helped reduce my pain level, I had more energy, and started sleeping better.   During the third treatment a wave of relief washed over me, all my pain disappeared, and I fell asleep!  This is the day after, the weather is cold and rainy, and I still feel great!

Update 4/13/10:  I've slept all night for 7 days straight!  I feel wonderful, have more energy, and my pain level is at a minimum. 



Jameisha G., Jonesboro, AR

I found out about Dr. Callahan from a co-worker who went to her years ago for a car accident, and she still gets treatment when needed.  In fact, her whole family sees Dr. Callahan, including her kids.  I had a car accident a and was suffering terribly with a sore, painful back, neck, arms and horrible headaches.  The headaches were so bad they made me sick.  I was unable to work, could hardly move around, couldn't sleep, drive, or sit comfortably.  It only took a couple weeks of chiropractic treatment before my back was better.  My neck and arm took a little longer because it was affected more, but the numbness went away!  One day I had such a terrible migraine that I was unable to sleep, I was so upset I was crying, and sick to my stomach from the pain. Dr. Callahan asked me on the phone to come in immediately.  Dr. Callahan treated me this time with acupuncture, a totally new experience for me. Within minutes I felt relief, and the headaches never returned.  I asked her if she put some kind of drug in those little needles, because the relief was so fast.  She laughed and explained it was the body's endorphins.  I have gained the strength back in my arm, my back and neck feel great, and I can sleep through the night with no concerns.  I highly recommend Dr. Callahan to anyone who suffers! 



Leticia G, Jonesboro,AR

I found out about chiropractic from a friend. I suffered from severe migraines, neck and back pain. Sometimes I was bed-ridden.  Due to pain I was unable to play with my boys, or normal activities. Since becoming a patient of Dr. Callahan's, I am able to go days without pain.  I saw results almost immediately.  I also tried acupuncture, which made me feel fantastic, energetic.  I absolutely recommend Dr. Callahan.  Because of chiropractic I no longer have to take migraine prescription medicine.  



Frances D. Jonesboro, AR

I have a bad knee, had surgery on in long ago.  It locks up on me, causing me to fall.  I can't sleep at night from the pain.  I decided to try Acupuncture Happy Hour, since Dr. Callahan said she thought a simple treatment would help.  I sat on the couch and Dr. Callahan placed a couple needles in my knees, I couldn't feel them go in, but I felt a wave of relief in a few minutes.  All it took was one acupuncture treatment, 20 minutes!  My knee doesn't lock up anymore and doesn't hurt at night.  Now I can sleep all night pain-free! Dr. Callahan has been my chiropractor since 1999,  years ago I  fell and ruptured a disc in my back. Chiropractic treatment  has kept me out of surgery.  I highly recommend seeing Dr. Callahan.   



Pat G, Jonesboro, AR

I found out about chiropractic from my wife, who is a patient of Dr. Callahan.  I couldn't sleep at night.   I had no energy.  I noticed an improvement immediately after my first chiropractic treatment, that first night. I feel better than I have in years.  I definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone who suffers.  



Julie W. , Hoxie, AR

I was referred to Dr. Callahan by a co-worker, who is another patient. I had recently been diagnosed with NASH, non alcoholic steato hepatitis.  This is NOT viral hepatitis, it is fatty liver from unknown causes. I had a liver biopsy in late August of 2008.  The diagnosis was Grade 3-4, staging 3.  At grade 4, you are in complete liver failure.  A liver transplant is your only option.  There is no known treatment by medical professionals at this time. I had ascites, red spots, painful liver, and all the signs of liver failure.  The doctors told me I had to lose weight, scheduled me for a gastric bypass,  and scheduled me with a specialist in Memphis to put me on the list for a liver.  Dr. Callahan said she thought she might be able to help me.  I began a new health regime, including chiropractic adjustments,  electrical stimulation of  acupuncture points (not needles) ,  Standard Process nutriceuticals and Mediherb supplements.   After only two weeks I noticed a dramatic improvement. At four weeks I was pain-free, at optimal health.   The liver/spleen swelling disappeared after only two weeks.  Repeat liver function tests done at the MD's office on 10/3/08 showed the liver levels fell from over 200 to 80, showing a marked reduction in inflammation, and thus, my liver disease is in regression, not progressing into full blown cirrosis, requiring liver transplant.  My energy level is super high since beginning treatment with Dr. Callahan, MAJOR fatigue is one the main symptoms of my disease. By following all the recommendations of Dr. Callahan, I looking at life and health after a very dire diagnosis. I pray others could receive this kind of relief, support, and health.  It has TRULY change the course of my life.  (10/3/08)

Update 1/09:

I kept the appointment with the specialist in Memphis, who said I no longer needed a transplant and my liver values were normal!  The gastric bypass surgery was cancelled as well, since I've lost over 30 lbs.   



LaDonna S, Bono, AR 

I asked asked a co-worker where she went, and she told me Callahan Chiropractic. I was having extreme headaches, unable to function because they were so bad.   I felt better immediately after the first treatment and now overall I feel great. I feel better overall. I would definitely recommend Dr. Callahan!  (8/1/07)



Ben, Renee, Bailey, Meadow K, Jonesboro, AR

We first heard about chiropractic from our parents and had heard about Dr. Deb from other people.  Ben was suffering from backaches so badly he was unable to work and was getting depressed.  I suffered from headaches so badly, acne and sinus problems that were getting worse every day.  We were not able to enjoy playing with our children. We noticed a little improvement after every visit, starting with the first one.  Now Ben's depression has lifted, my sinuses and acne are getting better.  Our kids love Dr. Deb as well.    

Auto Accident:


Paige B, Leachville

I found out about Dr. Deb through my mother, who had been coming in for headaches.  I was involved in a car accident and began getting severe headaches.  I had a very stiff neck, couldn't turn my head, and had problems with my left side. I was having trouble working.  After only two weeks, my headaches were gone. I've noticed my allergies  and my sinuses are better.  I have more energy.  



Walt A, Jonesboro AR

I am the station manager for a radio station, and I heard about Dr. Deb from people around Jonesboro. I was having numbness in the side of my head and face and severe headaches. I couldn't turn my head. I tried to ignore these problems, but finally went for help. The first visit gave me great relief! I've noticed I feel healthier, my pulse rate is lower, I'm no longer in pain or dizzy.  I've been visiting chiropractors around the country for years.  Dr. Callahan is at the top of my list! 

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