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Dr. Deb has been a horse owner , riding , training, and  competing , for over half a century.  She started riding lessons when she was an 8 yr old horse crazy kid.   She earned  a United States Combined Training Certificate of Achievment  in 1995,  United States Dressage Federation Qualified Rider Award in 1998,  USDF Rider Performance Award in 2011, and USDF Masters  Challenge Award in 2018.  She works closely with  her daughter, trainer Gabrielle Callahan,  USDF "L" Judge amd bronze Medalist.   One thing she has learned is,  never think you know everything about horses!   With that in mind,  Dr. Deb obtained a 211 hour post graduate certification in animal chiropractic from Parker University,  passing the AVCA exam.    She now offers BEMER  (Bio Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation ) PEMF  equine therapy  alone, or in conjunction,  with treatment.  Treatment/evaluation can include exam, manipulation,  fascia release, Port Lewis System saddle fitting,  bit fit , PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field), kinesiotaping,  rider position check  with recommended stretches,  and she knows when your horse needs veterinary intervention.  She has worked with area equine  veterinarians and farriers since the 1990's,  and wants to thank her long time mentors, Dr. Marcia Hillard, DVM, and the late, great  Dr. David Jolly, DVM.  Your horse's  records will be emailed or snail mailed to you with each visit, which you can take to your vet for follow up if need  be.   Treatment does not include people chiropractic in the barn at the same time as your horse.    You're welcome to make an  appointment for yourself at the office!     

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